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Siyathuthuka Networks is a Level 1 BEE company.

Siyathuthuka Networks has investments in a number of management teams that have over 15 years of experience in telematics and the corporate clothing industry.

Siyathuthuka Networks operates in several territories across the African continent.

Siyathuthuka Networks has its origins in the telecommunication industry, but has started growing in a number of other industries in which it is able to offer premium rates service and products through its investment in management teams.

Through an established and growing agent base, Siyathuthuka Networks provides a service to various government departments as well as small to large businesses.

Siyathuthuka Networks has aligned itself with world class partners to provide comprehensive and integrated telematics and value-added solutions and products to its customers. Our solutions always take the customers unique needs into consideration. Proposals are designed to provide an optimised total cost of ownership solution across the value chain.

Siyathuthuka Networks Telematics business supplies a wide range of “Best of Breed” technology hardware and software solutions, which are used in Businesses and Government sectors globally.

Siyathuthuka Networks has become a market leader by:

  • Inventing world-class Telematics services
  • Providing innovative and profitable products
  • Creating a local presence with reseller channels
  • Building international long-term relationships
  • Tailoring services to meet unique market requirements

According to market research, it is estimated that between 17 and 25 billion faxes are sent worldwide annually and the fax services market is growing at an impressive compound growth rate of 15.2%. The main attributor to this growth are technologies such as Fax Over IP and cloud based technologies.

Our Fax Solutions are at the forefront of this global trend and as a company we are exceptionally proud of the technology and products we have to offer in this space.

Siyathuthuka Networks Corporate Clothing business has helped develop The Chicer clothing labels which were established in 2009 as products supplied predominately to the corporate and promotional trade. It is a preferred supplier to many of Africa’s top resellers and the brand has become the product of choice to some countries top corporate and promotional resellers. The Brand has experienced exponential growth over the last few years and the need to accelerate this organic growth has become a priority. This thinking lead the company to add a core gift and bag range to compliment the clothing offering. These categories were introduced in 2016 and the company now boasts a selection of hand-picked clothing, gifts and bag items. We are proud to say that the majority of our clothing is locally manufactured in our own production facilities in Southern Africa.

The Brand has quickly evolved from offering predominantly lounge shirts and blouses to the corporate and promotional industry, to a full spectrum supplier of clothing items, safari clothing, bags, gifts and outdoor shade products.

The Chicer label is a label that makes a quality statement about the products they adorn. Fabrics are imported and are chosen from only the finest yarns available. Chicer garments are all locally manufactured to retail minimum specifications, and we remain one of the only wholesale suppliers to boast a local content composition on clothing of more than 90%.

The Chicer label stable consists predominantly, but not limited to, Lounge Shirts, Chinos, Cargo Shorts and Longs, Safari Wear and Hospitality Wear all locally manufactured.

Product Offerings

DesktopFax is the digital revolution of traditional faxing that facilitates the receiving of faxes via email.


  • Easy Implementation and Use - No paperwork, hardware or software is required; store and archive faxes electronically on online management tool.
  • Efficient and Effective - fax lines are never engaged and faxes will queue in case of server downtime or maintenance.
  • Anywhere, Anytime - numbers are not area code specific and never change, irrespective of client location; faxes can be retrieved from any location worldwide; available on mobile application and desktop thick client.
  • Cost Savings - no fax line, printer, fax machine, paper, toner (and other associated) costs and expenses.

Email2Fax allows users to send emails and email attachments to fax machines or devices anywhere in the world.

No additional hardware or software installation is required.


  • Outbound sending costs are borne by the customer on a per fax, per minute, or bundle rate
  • Cost Savings - Outbound faxes are least cost routed to other numbers already residing on our platform

The CloudFax solution enables users and organisations to still benefit from conventional faxing without the hefty costs of fax cards and analogue line rentals.


  • No hardware and/or software investment required
  • Huge savings on cost of faxing cards and line rentals
  • No maintenance costs of the fax system
  • Enhanced organisational control of flow of information
  • No change to end user expected device interaction or experience
  • Thick client desktop application is also available
  • No fixed line requirements
  • Fax numbers linked to multi-function devices can be moved with the device to new offices without the associated costs of re-cabling telephone lines
Colt - Server Replacements

Our Colt server replacement solution offers organizations the opportunity of reducing their operating costs by up to 30%.

Cost savings are achieved in three areas, namely:

  1. Infrastructure costs

    Fax system infrastructure typically costs in excess of 13c per minute in a perfectly sized environment which is rare to find. This excludes other factors such as networking, internal support staff and other hosting costs.

  2. Call sending costs and shared call costs

    Faxes sent are billed by the telco provider at their rates. Our CloudFax economies of scale allow us to offer reduced sending rates to our clients

  3. Multifunctional hardware 

    Fax Cards

    Fax cards are sold in South Africa at between R8000.00 and R13000.00 that will translate into a rental or depreciation of R250- R400 per device depending on the manufacturer.

    This savings drops straight to the bottom line.

    Fax Line Rentals

    For ported numbers that remain on the multifunctional devices there is a guaranteed saving on the copper line rental to Telkom of R100.00 per month

    For new allocated 086 fax numbers there is a guaranteed saving on the copper line to Telkom of R210.00 per month.

Cloud Call Recording

Our wealth of knowledge and superior expertise in the call recording industry, has allowed us to provide you with an industry first cloud-based, compliant and secure call recording solution.


  • Call recording enabled seamlessly on any PBX
  • Quality control tools to easy quality monitoring
  • Screen grabbing for screen monitoring
  • Fully industry compliant
  • No additional hardware required
  • Fully redundant and backed up
  • Five nines (99.999%) availability
  • Call statistics on landing page
  • Unlimited growth potential al
  • Web based (HTML5 architecture)
  • Advanced security
  • Mobile compatible
  • On demand recording
  • 256 bit AES encryption
  • Easy setup of agents and supervisors
  • Call statistics showing number of calls recorded - total, daily and weekly
  • Access and playback via web browser
  • Seamless Voice Logger enabled on any Com.X PBX
  • Log of who has played, downloaded or emailed calls - audit trail
Cloud Based Offerings
  • VOIP
  • Digitization
  • Business Intelligence tools

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